After Years Of Neglect, Shelter Dog Knows She’s Finally Safe And Falls Asleep In Rescuer’s Arms

The poor dog spent most of her life in a small concrete kennel in a Romanian city pound. She barely got outside and had little contact with humans. She also had issues with her liver and spleen that had gone untreated. On top of all that, she had fleas.

Bella might have spent her whole life in the pound, but thankfully, rescue group Howl of the Dog stepped in right in time.

One of the group’s staff members visited the pound and saw Bella. She reached out her hand, and Bella immediately licked her palm.

The dog was sweet and gentle, and she clearly just wanted somebody to love her.

Howl of a Dog rescued Bella that day. They took her to their shelter, where she rested before her veterinary appointment.

Bella immediately seemed more relaxed than she had at the shelter.
“She seemed to have instantly understood that she was being rescued and that she’s safe,” Howl of a Dog said.

From the first moment Bella arrived at Howl of a Dog’s shelter, it was clear the pup loved people.

She sat down right next to her rescuer on a couch. Then, exhausted from everything that had happened that day, she fell asleep on her rescuer’s lap.

Source: Howl of a Dog

“She was so trusting and relieved to be finally rescued that she simply fell asleep in my arms while we were heading to the veterinary clinic,” Howl of a Dog wrote on Facebook.

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Bella’s veterinary appointment went well—the vet gave the pup supplements for her spleen and liver. He also gave her a medicated bath that helped get rid of her fleas and reduced her itchiness.

Source: Howl of a Dog

After the appointment, Bella and her rescuer headed back to the shelter, where Bella quickly settled in. The slightly underweight dog ate plenty of food, and she relaxed and played with the other pups in the shelter.

Bella already seemed much better.

Source: Howl of a Dog

In the weeks that Bella has been with Howl of a Dog, she has transformed from a scared animal into a happy, content dog. This pup has come so far since she was first rescued!

Source: Howl of a Dog

“Bella is doing fine now, receiving all the care she needs to regain her health and joy,” Howl of the Dog said. “Once she’s completely recovered she will be up for adoption.”

Source: Howl of a Dog

Bella has had to deal with so much in her life, but she never lost her kind spirit. Now, she’s finally in a place where she can relax and transform into the best version of herself. We’re so happy for Bella and so glad she found such a wonderful group of people to save her!

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