Alligator Thinks He’s Having Dog For Dinner Until Owner Leaps In The Water To Interfere

You decide to take your routine stroll with your dog one day and everything starts off marvelously. The glistening water of the nearby pond beckons you closer as the day is painted beautifully with clear blue skies and glossy green grass.Suddenly, the clouds start to create shadows and an ominous smell starts to loom in the air.

In a blink of an eye, a gator violently splashes and grabs your furry companion with the grip of his jaw! The horror of the calamity causes you to kick into overdrive and then you realize you have to make a split-second decision.This was the case for Mike McCoy and his loyal four-legged companion, Jake. Mccoy was casually out with his dog on a hot day in Holiday,

Florida when fate had other plans for the pair. The 8-month old chocolate lab was calmly walking alongside his handler at a nearby pond behind Paul R. Smith Middle School.

An alligator attacked poor Jake with vicious tenacity to pull him under. It happened out of nowhere and left McCoy frozen in his tracks.

“He was in the death roll with that old gator,” said McCoy.

Things looked grim for Jake, but McCoy would not let this be the end of his best friend. McCoy sprang into the water with no hesitation and began to tussle with the fierce gator.

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A nearby witness was able to see it all happen in real-time. Kellie Mallon, a teacher, caught it all as if she was watching a new blockbuster summer hit movie.

Source: YouTube-ABCActionNews

“It was kind of like a snake darting really fast. It was super fast,” she said. Mallon was also there the instant Mike leaped in the water to rescue his pooch. “I previously read up on my environment and gators. I got around, thumbed him the eye, picked him out of the water so he couldn’t get anywhere until he let the doggo. And in the interim he decided, I don’t have him, I’ll bite you,” said McCoy.

Source: YouTube-ABCActionNews

It was a wild event, but luckily both got out without suffering minor scrapes and stitches. Despite being common in Florida, you don’t really so many gator calls from local residents.

“It’s not often you get a gator call,” said Shelly Churchill of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

Source: YouTube-ABCActionNews

While gator attacks happen very rarely, it’s important to note that you should be especially careful when the warmer months take place as gators roam more frequently. The FWC advises that gators, despite their docile appearance, can turn aggressive quickly and strike in any given moment.

Many Floridians will claim they have learned to coexist with their reptilian mates, but yet will be shocked to hear of situations such as this one. If you encounter a gator problem and need a solution, then you can contact the toll-free Nuisance Alligator Hotline at 866-392-4286.

It looks like McCoy and his doggo will be okay to take a walk for another day. This scary scenario could happen to anyone, so it’s important to stay alert and vigilant the next time you go for a walk.

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