An abandoned Pitbull escapes from his Freedom Run hideout and falls into the arms of a new family.

A cute and friendly pit bull named Amy is not lucky in life. The friendly dog ​​was taken to the Carson Animal Care Center in California, a high mortality shelter. The poor little dog was terrified and also struggled with a painful skin condition. The Carson Shelter’s rescue team found Amy and quickly decided they wanted to help her.

The rescue team filmed the dogs at Carson’s Animal Care Center and posted the video on their Facebook page. The rescue team shared a video of Amy lying in her bed. Nice dog is glad to have a guest! “AMY is such a charming, short and cute baby! She is very adorable and once her skin heals she will feel great!

“Carson’s Dog Rescue wrote in the video description. A photo of Amy sitting on a light-colored blanket. Amy’s photo and video worked, and just days after she arrived at the orphanage, the family applied for her!

Source: Saving Carson Shelter Dogs via Facebook


Amy walked freely out of the bunker. Because Amy is so excited, it’s more like a freestyle race! Amy enthusiastically welcomes everyone to her new family, including her new mom, dad and three siblings. Amy’s leash when she took her first steps on the street.

Source: Saving Carson Shelter Dogs via Facebook

“AIMMEE (PHOENIX) must be the cutest hippo ever to bring a FREE RUN from Home into the arms of their new family! Thanks everyone for SHARING, she’s safe today.

Happy Life, AIMEE ”, Carson Dog Shelter.Amy’s exit video went viral with over 600,000 views. Everyone was touched by her passion and joy! Posted by one Facebook user.

Source: Saving Carson Shelter Dogs via Facebook

Amy now lives happily with her family, where she gets all the care and hug she deserves. Amy’s mother, Kim Sullivan, shares many of Amy’s photos on her Facebook page.

Source: Saving Carson Shelter Dogs via Facebook

Amy’s skin has improved and she looks happy and content in her new home. When Amy arrives at the shelter, she is a terrified dog who doesn’t know if she will have a permanent home.

Source: Kim Sullivan via Facebook

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