An old dog in a city shelter stepped on a woman and told her that it was time to let him go.

Homeless dogs are going through the most terrible moment in their lives, many were lucky enough to be in shelters, while others were left alone. Somewhere society is obliged to reduce the number of single dogs and adopt as many dogs as possible, but protected dogs cannot get the same affection as married ones.

Very often people want to adopt a puppy. who are still young so that you can get used to them, and older dogs who have long awaited warm love are often overlooked. It’s sad to see an elderly dog ​​in pain alone in a city shelter. One day he completely gave up on adoption, suddenly everything changed.

Watching potential adoptive parents pass by, he resigned himself to spending the rest of the day in a noisy and crowded homeless shelter. Fate intervened. A woman named Emma from Oregon received a call from an elderly man and arrangements were made to get him out of the orphanage, but then Earl found it difficult to breathe and his stomach began to swell.

As soon as Emma realized this, she immediately took him to the vet. Then Emma receives the worst news imaginable: Earl has heart failure and it’s time to get ready to say goodbye. The next 24 hours are critical, and the vet explains that if Earl makes it through the night, there is hope!

And guess what he did! The next morning, Emma went to Earl, and he wagged his tail like a madman. She was very excited! A few hours later Earl woke up, kicked and was ready to go. I am so shocked and happy that Earl got through the night. However, the vet said Earl probably lived for about a month, but seven months have passed and Earl is still healthy.

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