Beagle “Plays Dead” In The Middle Of National Television Appearance

Most, if not all pets can definitely do a little trick or two. Bailey specializes in one particular trick – and it’s one he does better than most dogs.Hey, we didn’t say it was the most impressive trick, but sometimes you have to choose one thing and do it well. It’s a common trick that surely all owners have asked their pup to do, and some might be inclined to listen more than others.

The adorable and incredibly talented Bailey was invited to David Letterman’s show for an animal trick segment called “Stupid Pet Tricks,” where people and their pets show off some unique tricks and characteristics.“The cutest “stupid pet trick” ever…I’ll never forget when this originally aired…HaHaHa,” a viewer wrote.

“It’s still one of the best beagle videos on the internet!” said another commenter.When Bailey’s owner asked her to do the classic ‘play dead’ trick, the pup responds in an incredibly hilarious fashion by flopping his head down in a way that really can’t be described by words.At the very moment that her owner says “Bailey… Play dead,” the pup falls into his arms and lets all its energy and liveliness drain away.

Of course, a short moment later, and Bailey is alive and kicking. But that was just to fool the audience and play dead again.

The drama!

Source: YouTube – Video Beagle

The video appeared on the YouTube channel “Video Beagle” where it received over 9 million views! In the caption, the poster said of Letterman: “The host said that beagles are snarky….well DUH! who doesn’t know that beagles are made of snark! Snark, Fur, and Love!”

We’re not sure snark is the right word, but Bailey does have a funny sense of humor.

It doesn’t take long for him to resuscitate himself thanks to the smell of a nice treat.
“I love how he keeps ‘coming back to life’ in order to get his treat! LOL!” said a commenter.
It’s as if Bailey would be an Oscar-winning slapstick comedy actor – yes, it’s that good. The audience absolutely loved it and even Letterman couldn’t stop laughing.

Source: YouTube – Video Beagle

Admittedly – a lot of dogs can do the ‘play dead’ trick really well – but Bailey’s performance is truly one of a kind.

While this video aired some time ago, it really never gets old.

“I saw this when it aired, but it’s too good not to see again. Beagles are sweet, wonderful dogs. A bit stubborn, but lovable nonetheless!” a commenter said.

“Beagles always rate amongst the top 5 dog breeds for a reason-because they are awesome. They are drama queens, as someone said, and the nose knows. Mine is such a cuddler, and highly energetic. They are beautiful especially on the scent of a rabbit-whipping around in all directions,” another commenter noted.

What can we say? Adorable dogs are timeless! They’ll always be cute and silly tricks will always make us smile.


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