Beautiful Pair Of “Spirit Moose” Spotted On Canadian Highway

It was an extra ordinary moment for the couple as they spotted white moose on the Canadian highway. These enchanting beings were a sight for them. They could not get enough of it. Therefore, they thought to record the moment in their lens.

Image Source: Facebook/ 99.7 WIMI THE STORM) Nicole Leblanc and her husband, Maurice Lamothe, saw these beautiful creatures when they were driving in Ontario. The moment took everyone by surprise as soon as it was uploaded on Facebook. The post spread like fire.

Other names for white moose are spirit moose and ghost moose. In different cultures, they are extremely sacred. It is not easy to spot this species. This kind of moose is white because it suffers from leucism.

Thankfully, it is illegal in Canada to hunt these beautiful creatures. Previously, reports came forward showing spirit moose being hunted down.

To save this precious kind, legal department had to intervene. They had to put an end to the killing of this species as their population is decreasing. On the other hand, there is no such law in Sweden but the hunters have made a pact of not hurting this kind. It is amazing how people thought about them and their safety. This shows humanity prevails.

It is a lifetime dream for wildlife photographers to have a small glimpse of spirit moose. They serve years for the moment but only those who are lucky enough can spot them.

This couple thought the same. It was no less than a dream come true. Reports of incidents were all over the news. The couple made the moose celebrities within a few hours. It is amazing how one gets famous just by one post on the internet. As a matter of fact spirit, moose deserve attention so their population might increase. Also, awareness in people regarding this species is of high importance.


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