Blind Dog And His Support Cat Find A New Home Together

A blind dog and his support cat found a loving forever home together after they were put up for adoption.

Many people think of dogs and cats as natural enemies. However, Spike the dog and Max the cat prove that theory wrong. Not only are they best friends who do everything together, but Spike actually relies on Max as a support companion.

The two were taken in by the Saving Grace Animal Society in Alberta, Canada. They shared about Spike and Max on Facebook, and let everyone know that the adorable duo was up for adoption as a pair.

In an interview with CBC, a staff member of Saving Grace Animal Society, Amanda McClughan, explained that the two had been outside together before being taken in by the shelter.

Their relationship blossomed, and “likely started from providing warmth for each other against the elements.”

According to The Edmonton Journal, a community member had called the rescue to express their concern for the dog and cat living outside in the cold.

Rescuers were able to find the dog and cat curled up together outside a house. Speaking with the Edmonton Journal, McClughan said, “We basically sent a team out and when they pulled up to the house, Max and Spike were in a little dog igloo outside curled up together. We ended up talking with the owners and they agreed that it would be best for us to take them in, get them the vet care that they needed, and then find them a home more suitable to having a blind dog.”

After the pets were officially surrendered, they were taken to the shelter and checked by a veterinarian. During a health exam, they discovered that Spike had cataracts that were causing him a lot of pain, so they made the decision to remove both of his eyes.

At first, they had Spike and Max separated, but they noticed that Spike was seeking Max out and they knew it was important they stayed together.

After announcing that the pair was up for adoption, it wasn’t long before they got an offer from a loving forever home. The rescue shared the news on Facebook, saying, “Spike & Max have officially been ADOPTED and they are on their way home with their new mama!”

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