Boxer Daddy Gets Hilarious Taste Of Parenthood When His Puppies Are Around

When it comes to dog breeds, the Boxer is amazing. Not only is this particular pup a perfect choice for families with kids but they’re also incredible parents themselves. Both the mom and dad dog keep a careful watch over their litter.

On average, a female Boxer will have eight puppies.

That’s a handful, or in this case, a pawful, even for an experienced mom. And just like humans, most Boxer dads are more than willing to pitch in. They help correct the pups when they get out of line and they love to snuggle with their little ones.

Feeling a little overwhelmed
But also, like humans, Boxer dads can feel a little overwhelmed. Watching them interact is both fun and interesting. This point is proven in a video that’s now racked up close to two million views. In it, you get the chance to see a dad in action with all of his curious “kids.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot/Shadyvalley Kennels

“You mean these are all mine?”
Outside on the owner’s deck, Reno, the daddy dog, hangs out with his litter. Although he’s been around them for several weeks at this point, he seems just a little bit put off. You can almost imagine him thinking, “How in the heck did I end up with so many kids…at the same time?”

Source: YouTube Screenshot/Shadyvalley Kennels

“Are you our dad?”
Remember, Reno has already spent quite a bit of time hanging out with his pups. But for some reason, they all became overly curious about him. This poor dad tries to scoot away but they keep following him wherever he goes. And, they do what dogs do…smell each other in unmentionable places.

“Okay, you guys are getting a little too close”
At one point, Reno feels boxed in (no pun intended). He leaps in the air, landing on the other side of the litter. It was so fast the pups stand there for a few seconds trying to figure out what just happened. In a way, you kind of feel sorry for this dog. He loves his pups but they’re going a little overboard in the curiosity department.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/Shadyvalley Kennels

They just want to play
Reno is actually being an excellent dad. He wants to play with his pups but knows he has to be gentle. As they continue to bombard him, he backs away so he doesn’t accidentally hurt one of them. Now that’s what we call a responsible parent.

The owner can’t stop laughing
As the scene unfolds, the individual who owns these dogs can’t stop giggling. And it’s easy to understand why. Here you have all these adorable puppies that want nothing more than to get and give kisses. On the other hand, there are moments when their Boxer daddy isn’t sure what’s he supposed to do.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/Shadyvalley Kennels

Toward the end of the video, Reno knows he has to set some rules. So, as his pups again climb all over him, he gives them a little bump to remind them he’s in charge. All the puppies stop in their tracks while looking at their dad in complete confusion. That’s when you hear the owner say, “Be nice Reno.”

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