Boy finds a puppy in shelter shoes and gives him a new lease on life

Walking the streets of Kraljevo, Serbia, Goran Marinkovic always carries food with him. Every day, she raises over 100 wild cats and dogs with no one to care for, but last March she stumbled upon a small puppy. could not stay behind. Marinkovic told The Dodo: “Walking along a narrow road, I heard a creak from stones.

“She was cold, hungry and thirsty. She had food, so I fed her salami immediately. A dog that lives near a pile of rubbish wears an old boot to protect itself from the elements. The puppy was too young to have a mother. She was exhausted, ”Marinkovich said.

Man finds stray puppy using a shoe as shelter


“I knew I could be her only chance, so she lay down and abandoned her goal.Marinkovich took the dog and took it to the vet, he was not sure if she would survive for a long time alone, sleeping in the open, but the puppy, whom he named Coco, refused to give in.


As Coco regained her strength, her cheerful personality shone: “She loved people,” says Marinkovic. “She is always happy. After Koko’s photos were posted on Facebook, Marinkovic’s mailbox was inundated with messages asking him to pick up the puppy. ” But Marinkovic wants to make sure he has the best home.

Stray puppy sleeps near shoeGORAN MARINKOVIC

He contacted one of his friends and fellow rescuers who are affiliated with international animal adoption services. And after Coco received all the vaccinations, she left for her new home.


A year later, Coco was nothing more than a sick puppy that Marinkovic found hiding behind a boot.She turned into a happy fluffy dog ​​who is always happy to go on adventures with her family.


“[Coco] has a nice home and is on vacation now. I often take pictures, they are in the ocean now, ”Marinkovic said. … “Every dog ​​rescued from the street that finds a home is a victory for me. Marinkovic hopes that all stray dogs in Serbia will be as lucky as Coco.


But with the help of the people who live in the country, I hope that all stray dogs in Serbia can be as lucky as Coco. Like Marinkovich, these dogs are one step closer to living on. ” They deserve it.

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