Bulldog Lost In Car Crash Finds Perfect Place To Stay Until Owner Finds Him

Being in a car crash and totaling your car is terrible enough.

But Aaron Shuptrine of Houston was thankful that he survived and was uninjured.
Still, he was left heartbroken since he couldn’t determine what happened to his bulldog Bevo, who was in the car at the time of the crash.

Bevo was ejected from the back window and ran off after the crash on I-East near North Loop East.

Shuptrine was worried sick not knowing whether or not his dog was injured.
“I’m devastated,” Shuptrine told KHOU 11. “He’s my world, man. He’s always there. I lost my heart, basically. I need him back. I need him.”

Police were able to assess from their helicopter that someone did pick up Bevo in a silver car and headed south with him.

“I’m hoping they picked him up because they are trying to help. But he didn’t have his tags on, and he’s not chipped so my only hope is to spread the word any way possible,” Shuptrine said. “I know he’s scared.”

Shuptrine offered a reward and the local media spread the word about Bevo and his dad who was desperately trying to find him.


Source: KHOU 11 – YouTube

“I know he’s terrified,” said Shuptrine. “All that loud noise, the car jostling around, and then to be picked up in a strange car, I fear for him.”

An employee at the Houston Yacht Club ended up seeing KHOU 11’s story about Bevo and realized that he was the dog that her employees had picked up and were taking care of.


Source: KHOU 11 – YouTube

She contacted the news station who reached out to Shuptrine. Being without his best friend was hard for him.
“It’s been rough, it’s been tough,” Shuptrine said. “Anxious, joy, and just ready. Ready to have Bevo back.”

Shuptrine and Bevo were reunited at the Houston Yacht Club a few days after Bevo went missing.

As it turns out, Bevo was in good company during his time away from his dad.
He was rescued by Sean Herlihy who was on his way to work when he saw the dog going back and forth between the breakdown lane and highway.


Source: KHOU 11 – YouTube

One of the club’s servers, Giovanni Escobedo, took Bevo home with him to stay with his dad who is a chef at the club and has three bulldogs of his own.

“Being a pet owner myself, I would absolutely want the same thing done to me if mine ever went missing,” Escobedo said.
Shuptrine was overjoyed that Bevo was in good hands and safe.

“It’s crazy to me,” Shuptrine said. “He’s not hurt. That’s what I was worried about the whole time, not being hurt, and he’s not hurt, and that’s the best news there could be.”


Source: KHOU 11 – YouTube

He also expressed his gratitude to those who went out of their way to care for his dog and make sure he was safe.
That culminated in a nice bro hug. While we’re glad Bevo made it safely through this car crash, the same cannot be said for other dogs who end up in car crashes with their owners.

Source: KHOU 11 – YouTube

Having an unrestrained dog in your car can cause injury and even death to your dog in the event of a crash or can be the cause of a crash if the pet distracts a driver, according to Pet Pro Supply Co.

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