Camera Captures Dog Mom’s Sweet Actions When Puppy Can’t Find Her

Newborn puppies are always adorable. Even though they don’t do much when they’re so young and tiny, they’re still cute to watch. It’s also cute to hear their little squeaks.

Since newborns are so vulnerable, their mamas are very protective and highly alert to any issues. Of course, like any new mother, a dog mama needs a break every once in a while.

But what happens when a little one needs help while their mom is taking a break?

While waiting for their Golden Retriever to give birth, these owners set up a place in the living room.

That way, she’d have one spot in the house for her and her new babies. Of course, she could come and go as she pleased. But the pups would stay in the enclosure for their own good.

All the puppies, minus one, seem perfectly content. They’re all curled up, sleeping the day away. But one puppy wants his mom. In a video posted online, you see this loner searching. Where did she go?

All you hear is a lot of whimpering…almost panic-like.

Obviously, the puppies don’t see very well at this point.

But hearing the loner’s cries, the mama Golden Retriever makes her way over to the enclosed area. Slowly and quietly, she stands at the entrance…just watching. She wants to make sure this isn’t an emergency.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/heyimtabs

With her puppy still crying, she makes her way over to him.
Then like a sweet and responsible mother, she bends down to smell him. She carefully inspects the little fellow from head to tail. But instead of lying down next to him, she goes over to one of the two groups of sleeping puppies to lie down.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/heyimtabs

This puppy knows his mom was just there but now she’s gone again. So, he instinctively turns around and begins searching for her. We’re presuming from her scent he begins to waddle closer to his mom.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/heyimtabs

After stumbling, he goes in circles. At this point, his cries become much louder. His mom’s not liking that one bit. So, she stands up, again making her way toward the loner pup. Now realizing he needs her, she lays down close to him.

The puppy quickly settles in for a meal. But if he thought he was going to have a little bit of alone time with Mom, he was mistaken. All that crying woke the other puppies.

Source: YouTube Screenshot/heyimtabs

Now sensing it was time to eat, a few others saunter over to Mom as well. She’s such a good girl, so loving and gentle.

If you need a big smile today, this video will provide it. This pup is clearly a great mama, and it’s amazing how safe her puppies feel with her.

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