Camera Catches Group Of Little Owls Hanging Out On Woman’s Front Porch

Shortly after moving into her place, a homeowner named Lyndsay got an unexpected visit from a few of her new neighbors.

They showed up on her porch in the night, as if to welcome her to the neighborhood.

Lyndsay would likely have missed the adorable welcome party if not for her front porch camera. It let her know that there was motion detected just outside her front door.

“The first night, I received three notifications, one after the other,” Lyndsay said. “I finally answered the Ring and caught the amazing owls on our new porch having dinner!”


Here’s footage of the little owls in action:

The owls seemed unperturbed by the camera, taking the time to battle over a bug. Although it’s unclear why they chose Lyndsay’s porch to hang out on that evening, chances are that surprise visit has made her new house feel even more like home.

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