Cat Isn’t Pleased With New Puppy In The House Then Decides It’ll Be His Baby

Matthew decided to expand his happy home with a brand new puppy.Everyone was really excited to welcome Rylee… except for Oskar.
It took Oskar a little time to get used to the new family member.“We decided to bring a puppy home one day. Oskar was really curious as to what we just brought into his home,” Matthew told The Dodo. “Right off the bat, their relationship was a little uneasy. Rylee was a little too hyper.”

Rylee was a little ball of energy. He was super excited to meet Oskar and was jumping and sniffing all over Oskar.Oskar wasn’t exactly feeling it at first. He would swat when Rylee would come too close.Eventually, Oskar realized that swatting was futile.
“Oskar was introducing himself so he’d let him [Rylee] keep coming up to him. And Oskar just kinda lays there,” Matthew explained.

“Rylee will come up bite his tail, bark, walk away, come up, bite his leg, and Oskar is just staring at me the whole time like, “What the hell did you bring into this house?’”That first month was rough but things changed after about three months. At that point, Oskar started to think that Rylee might not be so bad.That’s when they started to bond and Oskar started to look after Rylee.

And even cuddle and clean him, even though Rylee ended up a lot bigger than Oskar in size.
By nine months, they were best buddies. At that point, Rylee was Oskar’s “baby.”

“They were spending a little more time with each other than they were with us,” Matthew explained. “They were sleeping in the bed together. We were watching Oskar kind of raise Rylee. It’s what we tell people. Oskar’s always been like a parent or supervisor figure in the house. He kind of surveys the land and watches over everybody.”

Now they sit around the house grooming each other and laying on each other, even if Rylee is now five times bigger than Oskar. They love to cuddle and play and just be with each other.
“It’s been really nice to see them develop a relationship,” Matthew said.

“When we’re actually petting and playing with Oskar, Rylee will come up and trying to take our attention away or actually more often try to take Oskar’s attention away and they’ll just have their own little thing with each other. It takes some responsibility off of us because Rylee feels likes he’s being pet as much as she needs to be.”

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