Cat Mama Introduces Her Tiny 1-Week-Old Kitten To Her Dog Best Friend

We may have thought of cats and dogs as mortal enemies, but there are instances when they are good friends. They might have a one or two-day truce or something of the sort, although there are some cats and dogs that have developed a friendly bond over time. They share everything from food to beds, and even their proudest moments.A momma cat gave birth to an adorable kitten and she’s so proud of it.

A beautiful ginger cat recently gave birth to a kitten, and when the kitten was a week old, she decides to share the news with her canine best friend. She brings her kitten with her, so she can introduce it to the dog. She’s very proud of showing him her little furball, it’s just very sweet of her.She had to set a little boundary just to make sure

The doggo starts to become curious about the little furball in front of him, and then slowly closes in with his big snout. However, the momma cat, though she’s happy to introduce her to her friend, doesn’t want him to go sniffing around her kitten without permission.

She pushes the dog’s snoot away from her kitten and then uses her other paw to distance her little furball a few inches away from the curious dog. It’s like she’s telling him, “No touchy, only look.” His canine friend understands and tries to abide by as best as he can.
The adorable video racks up more than a million views in no time.

There’s another video that proves that dogs and kittens could get along very well.

The doggo began sniffing the kittens one by one, but the next thing you know, he’s already surrounded by them. Well, the parents of the litter, were more than okay with the big dog playing with the kittens. It’s like they already knew that he’s going to be their fun, weird uncle.Surely when these kittens grow up, these dogs can play with them

These kittens are still weak and need extra care from their mother, that’s why the cats are a bit strict about letting their friend and they were so careful in taking care of their babies. Besides, when the kittens grow old enough to be feisty and playful, these momma cats will surely let them spend time together.
When should you introduce kittens to your dogs?

If you have both a cat and a dog, it’s actually not impossible to get them to like each other. Much more if it’s an innocent little kitten. Although, you should know that there’s a right time to introduce them to your dog.

First, make sure that the cat’s parents are friends with your dog of course. We don’t want to have lots of hissing and barking at home. The second is to slowly introduce the kitten/s to the dog and making sure that the dog acts calm about it. When your dog reacts calmly, you can gradually increase contact with supervision.


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