Cat Rescued From The Brink Of Death In A Chemical Mixer Finds A Forever Home

An employee at a chemical plant found a severely injured cat had made its home in a chemical mixer. The cat needed help right away, so the employee did what any kind-hearted person would do: They called for help.

Hope For Paws was quick to arrive at the scene and found the poor cat was on the brink of death. They rushed the cat, who they named Peggy, to the vet and the diagnoses was worse than they’d hoped.

Though rescuers could see that the feline had a severe leg injury, they didn’t realize that maggots had taken over the injured area and were eating away at the dead tissue.

Upon further inspection, they found that Peggy’s back leg, the one that was injured, was hardly connected to her body at all, and was just hanging on by a tendon.

An infection had spread to her whole body and it seemed as if she had given up and sought out a place to die when she was discovered in the mixer.

Thankfully, despite the terrible infection and severity of the leg injury, Peggy was able to make a recovery.

They said, “Peggy was absolutely going to die from a terrible infection,” but help had arrived just in time.

The veterinarian successfully amputated the injured leg and Peggy began the road to recovery.


No one is quite sure what Peggy’s past was like, but it seems she was a pet at some point. She does well with people and enjoys love and affection.


However she ended up in a challenging situation, one thing is for sure: She’s living her best life now.

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