Cat Sweetly Falls In Love With Baby Sister

Introducing a new baby to its older siblings is a transition, but when that older sibling is your pet cat, all bets are off.

Cats are known for having very unique personalities and adding a small human to the mix can be interesting, to say the least. You can follow all the best instructions on how to introduce your new baby to the family cat, but you still do not know how your cat will react.

Will they love the baby, ignore the baby, or get mad about the new baby?

One cat, Milo, went through six different stages after meeting his new baby sister, Amelia.

Milo’s first stage was one of interest.
Milo wanted to figure out who this little baby was and what it was doing in his home. Milo sniffed around getting used to the new scent.

Milo liked experiencing this stage on his own and would leave Amelia once a person found him being interested. He wanted to explore his baby sister all on his own.

It did not take long for Milo to reach his second stage: uninterested.
Milo’s interest in Amelia did not last long. Milo became bored with his parents giving Amelia all the attention that used to be given to him.

Milo would make this clear by not participating with his family when Amelia was around. If Amelia was around him, he would sniff around her stuff but not actually her. This sniffing around her stuff lead to her next stage.

Source: YouTube

Stage three was stealing Amelia’s beds.
The saying goes “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Milo came to the realization that Amelia was not going anywhere, so he might as well start using her beds. Milo had no shame in laying in any of Amelia’s beds. One time he was found in her vibrating bouncer which lead his mother to ask,

“Milo, are you serious? He bloody likes it, doesn’t he?”

Source: YouTube

It was a landmark in their house when Milo reached his next stage with Amelia. Stage four was a sudden pique of interest into Amelia again. Milo could be found next to Amelia to watch over her or sniff her out once more. He even wanted to start grooming her during this stage, his fatherly side had come out.

By stage five Milo and Amelia were best buddies.

Source: YouTube

Milo and Amelia had turned into cuddle buddies. Amelia was still quite small, so there was no play time but that did not matter to Milo at all. These two could be found cuddling and napping away in pure comfort. Milo’s initial reservations had been erased when he accepted Amelia as one of the family. Once Milo had found a kinship with Amelia there was only one stage left.

Source: YouTube

Stage six is when Milo and Amelia became loving siblings.
Amelia was not their parent’s baby anymore, she has turned into Milo’s baby. Milo cuddles, loves and protects Milo as every big brother should. Anywhere that Amelia goes, Milo is sure to follow. It might have taken some time for Milo to warm up to Amelia, but once he did it was only pure love that came after. These two will melt your heart.

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