Chihuahua Sings Her Tiny Little Heart Out For Grandpa

Dogs make such great additions to our families. They bring their own flavor of quirky to our homes with their distinct personalities and mannerisms. Our dog Bonita was the perfect fit to our household because she was such a sweet and patient dog, which made her the ideal companion to our four cats.

She would just let them do their own thing like steal her food or her cozy bed, but if they ever ran into trouble with another cat or dog in the neighborhood she was the first to defend them. All dogs bring something special to the family that they live with.For one adorable little Teacup Chihuahua in particular, what she brings to her family is pure joy.

The little pint-sized pooch named Beanie is clearly adored by her family. While spending time with her grandma and grandpa, a video was taken that perfectly captures the bond that Beanie shares with her grandpa. In the video, the man is singing a special song to the Chihuahua – one that he wrote all by himself.

The song is in Spanish, but roughly translated, the lyrics amount to “Little dog, she’s the most beautiful and my whole world. I love that little dog so much.” It’s a song that is super short and quite simple in the lyrics, but it also conveys so much sweetness. It definitely highlights the fact that this little pup is extremely special to the man. And perhaps even better, is Beanie’s reaction to her grandpa’s sweet serenade. As he sings the lyrics, Beanie, who is dressed up in her best floral gown, sings along. Each time he starts a new line, you can see her little eyes close a bit and then she tilts her head back ever so slightly and howls along.It will definitely melt your heart!

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