Circus Bears In Vietnam Finally Retire To A Life Of Freedom

Vietnamese circus bears can finally retire to a life of freedom after the country announced it would phase out animal performances.

Circus animals have been at the forefront of animal welfare campaigns for years, and now, they have a chance to celebrate after four bears were rescued from the Hanoi Central Circus – the last circus bears in all of Vietnam.

According to Animal Asia, this historic moment came after the Ministry of Culture in Vietnam declared that it would be phasing out wild animal performances. Upon hearing the news, the circus willingly gave up four bears to Animals Asia.

The animal rescue and advocate group has been fighting for years to get bears out of the circus, and in 2017, they released a report on the impact of circus acts on animals.

It was because of their efforts that the Ministry of Culture made the decision to phase out the use of live animals in shows.

The group free two circus bears from the same show back in 2019 named Sugar and Spice. The four remaining bears who were freed this year will be reunited with their former performers, but this time, they’ll all be free.

In the video below by Animals Asia, a team director for the organization said, “For the first time in years these four beautiful bears will have access to wide, open spaces and feel lush, fresh grass beneath their paws.”


She emphasized that the bears will get to explore and express themselves in natural ways, through “climbing, foraging for food, digging in the dirt and playing with their new friends.”


Previously, the bears were forced to perform tricks and had to wear a muzzle for large portions of their lives. They were confined to small spaces and weren’t provided with a proper environment for optional growth and development.


They will enjoy the freedom to decide what they do and when. They will be able to express natural behaviors like “climbing, foraging for food, digging in the dirt and playing with their new friends.”

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