Compassionate police help a distraught old woman bury a dead cat after calling emergency services

Police officers can be quite a touchy subject these days, but there are certainly plenty of stories about them that will delight your heart. Take this officer in Rome, Georgia, for example. When he answered the call, the man was praised for his kindness.

The old woman was in pain and shock because her cat passed away, when the woman (61) suddenly noticed that one of her cats was no longer responding, she panicked. It is in this situation that a woman does not know what to do. He thought that at least they could help, especially since he did not have a family. “I’m 61,” said the old man. – said the woman on call.

“I have no family other than these two cats, and I really don’t know what happened to this one. In the middle of the conversation, he realized that dialing 911 was not ideal and reassured everyone. Radio that they have nothing to do with it. It.“But I don’t know who to call. I’m sorry.

Source: Facebook Screenshot – Cheryl Preheim

You don’t have to come and see how I’m doing, ”he continued. “I’m fine. However, the emergency caller did his best ”to calm the woman down and make sure she was okay. “Everything is fine. It’s all right, ma’am. I know you are upset, ”they told her. replied. “But… but I’m fine.I just don’t know who to call, and I don’t have anyone to call. The dispatcher told him that they would send someone to check on him just in case.

Source: Facebook Screenshot – Cheryl Preheim

He learns that she lives alone. with her cats, and in fact there is no one around to help her. Shortly after visiting her, Officer Wright left the scene again and headed to the nearest store. She took a shovel from Walmart and came back to help her. He even bought it with his own money.

Source: Facebook – City of Rome, GA

He believes that this woman should not bury her cat alone. So, he was determined to do it for her. In the backyard, Officer Wright dug a small hole. bury a dead cat.

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When the woman’s feline friend was buried, her fears and panic also disappeared. Officials in Rome, Georgia, praised the officer on her Facebook page, and for good reason. Stories like this about kindness and compassion are what the world needs. “We congratulate Officer Dylan Wright, who was recently sent to respond to an elderly woman who called emergency services and was devastated to find her dead cat when she returned home,” reads a post on Rome Georgia’s Facebook page.

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The emergency operator didn’t know what to do with his cat. “Dylan reacted to this scene to console the woman, and realized that the girl lived alone and, apparently, had no immediate family. He left this place and went to Walmart, bought a shovel. Her own money.

Source: Facebook Screenshot

Her, and then returned to the house, where she dug a hole and buried a cat in it. ” Her actions speak volumes about her character; Have enough compassion and commitment to ease the burden of hearing this! Thank you Dylan Wright for your commitment to public service! Many residents and people around the world began to praise Officer Wright in the comments.

“What a handsome and merciful person! This proves what I’ve been saying all this time, there are still wonderful people in this world, and quite a few people in police uniforms! May God keep you further. Be safe and bless you, Sheriff Wright, “said one,” Thank you, as an elderly woman living alone with my cats, I see how much your actions with this woman mean to you, “wrote another.

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