Concerned Momma Dog Stays With Premature Incubated Puppies To Make Sure They’re Safe

It’s only natural for a mother dog to care for her puppies: feeding them, grooming them, and keeping them safe from harm. No mother wants their offspring to encounter danger, especially in the early stages of their lives. It’s a parent’s job, after all, to provide for their little ones when they have yet to be capable of providing for themselves.

Kuma the four-year-old dog is an example of a great momma dog. When the canine went into early labor in her hometown of Bangkok, Thailand, veterinarians placed her newly-born pups in an incubator to keep them alive. However, that didn’t stop Kuma from engaging in her usual duties as a mother.

In a viral which has earned over 10,000 views so far on YouTube, the new mother is seen standing on a stool on two legs, peering closely into the incubator. Inside the device, one of her puppies is sleeping while another is rolling around.

Concerned Momma Dog Stays With Premature Incubated Puppies To Make Sure They're Safe

Kuma almost looks to have a slight smile on her face as she’s watching her sweet babies thrive. Nevertheless, she’s probably feeling a bit anxious at the same time. The incubator’s transparent casing separates Kuma from directly interacting with her babies, which understandably, must be driving her a little crazy. How badly the poor mom must want to provide her warm touch to her little ones!

While you might think that Kuma will grow tired of watching her pups, jump off the cushion, and do something else in the meantime, she stays put. As a new mother, Kuma knows that it’s important to put her babies’ needs over her own. After all, the puppies will be relying on her for as long as they need milk, protection, and instruction on how to live in the “real world” on their own. Kuma is definitely up for that kind of responsibility, even if she can’t provide all of that right now.

“They’re so cute. We love having them at home. Kuma was just watching her puppies like a nurse. She kept checking on them,” says the canines’ owner.

While born early, the puppies are now doing great!

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