Cop slams his brakes upon sight of a tiny senior dog abandoned and tied to mile marker by owner

For many of us, it is hard to imagine how someone could abandon an animal.
Our pets depend on us for survival and for their well-being. They look to us as their caretakers and their family. Unforeseen circumstances do occur and at times a family can no longer keep a pet.

For these situations, there are many options available including a safe return to a shelter or rescue center.

The reality is that many pets are simply discarded.
This was the case for sweet little Fern. The senior chihuahua was abandoned on June 18th by her caretaker on Chapel Lane in Greenport, New York. She was found tied to a mile marker by her leash. For a dog to be left like this is unfathomable to many.

Because she was tied up, there was no way for her to seek shelter or find food. She was also vulnerable to other animals looking for easy prey.

Source: Flickr

Being an older dog, it is sad to imagine that this could have been her last memory.
However, it seems that all the stars aligned for Fern the next morning when she was spotted by Officer James Crosser. He didn’t find a collar or tags on Fern so there was no way to track down her original owner.

Officer Crosser saw that the dog had wounds on its body and head.

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He took the tired dog to North Fork Animal Welfare League (NFAWL), and she was given much-needed love and attention. Fern slept a lot at first to recover from the stress and injury.

Once Fern was given the royal treatment from NFAWL, they set out to find her a ‘forever home.’

The animal welfare group knew that it couldn’t be just anyone adopting this precious pooch. She was older and she had been through a lot so she needed someone who understood her needs. The shelter wanted Fern’s last years to be filled with security and love.

Source: Flickr

On June 19, Officer Crosser along with his wife, Olivia went to the shelter to bring Fern home.
The couple had decided they wanted to keep Fern. There was obviously a special bond created between Officer Crosser and Fern on the day of the rescue. Nothing was going to keep them apart now.

The shelter employees had tears in their eyes when they saw Fern with Officer Crosser and his wife.
They posted a tribute to Fern and Officer Crosser on Facebook.

Source: Eli Christman via Flickr

“A very happy ending to a sad story. Little Fern was found on June 18th tied to a mile marker in Greenport. STPD Officer Crosser found her and brought her to the shelter. She has been at the shelter getting the necessary vet care and today officer Crosser and his wife have officially adopted Fern !!!!!” – NFAWL posted on Facebook.

Source: Facebook – North Fork Animal Welfare League, Inc.

People commenting online were cheering for Fern and her new family.
“It’s a great end to a very sad situation.”

“Good policeman, bad person who abandoned the dog. Such a sweet dog should never be mistreated. No animal should be mistreated.”

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