Couple Drives Hours To Save Grandpa’s Dog From Being Put Down

When Ashton Hart’s grandpa passed away of COVID recently, one of his first thoughts was if he had any pets that might need his help. He and his grandpa had fallen out of touch and hadn’t spoken in six years, so he wasn’t sure if he’d had a dog or not — but when he found out he did, he immediately knew what he had to do.

Hart found out that his grandpa’s dog, now named Oatmilk Latte, was likely going to be put down, so he and his husband decided to drive the three hours to go and get him. They knew absolutely nothing about the dog they were on their way to rescue, but it didn’t matter. They loved him before they even saw him.

couple rescues dog


“It wasn’t a question we would adopt him — my husband has wanted a dog for a while, and we had just started foster and were about to start volunteering at PAWS to try and find a new friend,” Hart told The Dodo. “I’ve worked mostly in animal activism for my adult career before buying my business, so there was no way I was letting him be put down.”

rescue dogASHTON HART


When they arrived, the dog they found was a big, chunky guy, who definitely had a lot of issues. He was overweight, extremely dirty and had very matted fur. They knew he could potentially have a bunch of health issues after not being cared for properly, but they didn’t care. In their minds and hearts, Oatmilk Latte was already their dog.

The poor dog was so sweet but also so exhausted. His new dads loaded him into the car and drove the three hours back home, so excited to get to know their new best friend.

Despite the condition he was in, Hart knew his grandpa had still loved Oatmilk Latte — and the sweet dog had clearly loved him, too.

rescue dog


“While he is very, very sweet, he definitely is grieving,” Hart said. “Every day we’ve had him now, he’s been getting a little better, but it’s a process. Losing someone is hard, especially for dogs. They depend on us for everything. My grandfather’s neglect to take care of the dog’s health aside, I assume he loved his animal in his own way.”

rescue dog


The couple knows that Oatmilk Latte needs time to settle into his new life, but they’re confident that with proper care and lots of love, he’s going to be so happy in his new home. He needs a lot of vet care, and they’re slowly getting that all figured out for him. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they drove three hours to pick him up, but now, they can’t imagine having done anything else. He’s their dog, and they’re so excited to get to know him and watch him blossom over time.

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