Couple Finds Tiny Puppy On Mountain Covered In Blue “Paint”

As they were driving, they saw a little puppy on the side of the road. Alarmed, Wes and Enes stopped their car.

They immediately went to the puppy, and the first thing noticed was that the little puppy was of blue “paint”.
Aside from that, the couple also saw what looked like blood on one side of the puppy’s body.

The puppy wasn’t scared at all. He didn’t try to run or defend himself. He was very calm, and he was even wagging his tail.

It seemed like the puppy was relieved to see people who were trying to help him.

Wes and Enes decided to bring the poor puppy with them, but they saw a mother dog and three other puppies.

They didn’t want to take the injured pup from its family, so they watched what the mother dog would do.

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Unfortunately, the mother dog and the other puppies just sniffed him, and they all went up the hill – leaving the injured puppy all alone.

They waited for the mother dog to come back. They initially thought she would come back for her injured pup, but it was getting dark, and she didn’t.

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Enes and Wes got a blanket, picked up the poor puppy, and brought him back to their hotel room.

They immediately gave little Blue his much-needed bath, and they were surprised that the puppy just relaxed and enjoyed the warm water.

They cleaned his wound and bandaged him, and after that, the tired puppy fell asleep.

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The couple was awoken around 2 a.m when they heard Blue crying. He was in a lot of pain, and he was running a fever. They didn’t waste any time and rushed him to a 24/7 vet.

There, the vet told the couple that Blue might have fallen off on one of the steep hills, and someone might have sprayed him with antiseptic, thus explaining the blue dye.

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If Enes and Wes didn’t rescue little Blue, he would have died there.
Soon, Blue was back to his playful self. He transitioned from being a street dog to a tourist pup real quick.

He loved the hotels, the tourist spots, and of course, the love he was receiving.

They were like a little family. Enes and Wes loved Blue so much that they had to make one of the hardest decisions of their lives.

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The couple decided that it would be best for Blue to have a forever home that will cater to his needs. A home where he can play, he can have a daily routine, and just live the perfect doggo life.

Enes and Wes are full-time travelers, and bringing Blue wasn’t an option. They loved him so much that they wanted the best for him.

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Soon, they found Austin and Tori and their one-year-old Golden retriever, Bogie.
They flew into Denver, Colorado, where Blue finally met his new family. They just clicked! Blue’s new family welcomed him and even spoiled him.

Now, Blue is almost as big as Bogie!

He also has his own Instagram account, so Wes and Enes can still see updates on him. Of course, we also want to see how he’s doing.


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