Couple Stunned When Goldendoodle Rescues Helpless Fawn Drowning In Their Lake

Ralph and Pat Dorn watched as Harley, their 6-year-old goldendoodle, sprinted outside to the lake behind their home in Virginia.

The couple, both military veterans, realized that Harley had spotted a helpless fawn struggling to stay afloat in the middle of the lake. Their heroic pup leaped into the water to save the tiny creature without a second of hesitation.

It wasn’t long before Ralph and Pat found themselves snapping photos in amazement — photos showing Harley nudging the fawn all the way back to shore.

Once the animals were safe and out of the water, it was clear that Harley felt a strong connection to the baby deer. He refused to leave its side, licking it and making sure it was OK.

Ralph and Pat knew they’d just witnessed something incredible.

The next morning, Harley made it clear that he wanted to get outside as soon as possible.

And when Ralph opened the front door to let him out, they could actually hear the same fawn calling out for Harley …

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