Crow Thanks The Man Who Saved Him By Working His Job For Him

Two months ago, İsmail Atmaca was at work as an attendant at a mosque in Turkey when he noticed something in the distance.“I was sitting in the booth and saw something fall from a tree,” Atmaca told The Dodo.Atmaca decided to investigate, realizing that it was a young crow not yet able to fly. He decided to help.“I brought him back to my booth and started to feed him,” Atmaca said.

Little did Atmaca know, this would be the start of a remarkable friendship.Atmaca took the crow home that night and continued to care for him, deciding to bring the bird to work with him the next day. Before long, this became their routine — but the rescued crow grew into more than just a tag-along.Cabbar, as the bird is now named, evidently took notice of Atmaca collecting money from patrons for use of the facilities.


“First, Cabbar started playing with coins in the booth,” Atmaca said. “Then he started taking them from customers.”

The crow and his rescuer are now inseparable.


“He doesn’t leave my side,” Atmaca said. “He always wants to sleep on my lap. He’s happy, and he makes me happy, too.”

However, when Atmaca takes a break from work or needs to step away from his booth, Cabbar likes to stay behind — performing his job for him without being asked to.

A local news station caught up with Atmaca and Cabbar to film their unique arrangement at work.


In recent weeks, now that he’s grown stronger, Cabbar has become increasingly more independent. He is free to come and go, but he’s always returned to Atmaca’s booth.

“He’s comfortable here,” Atmaca said.

There’s no telling how long the crow will decide to serve as Atmaca’s assistant at work before he strikes out on his own for good. But for him to be there at all, as both a friend and a colleague, feels like a show of gratitude to the man who saved him.

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