Dad Records Baby Girl And Dog’s “Conversation”

Wicket and Sophie are two adorable, tiny beings with very big voices. Both love having conversations, and luckily, they can talk to each other for as long as they like. Sure, they may not understand each other because Sophie is a baby and Wicket is a puppy, but the important thing is they’re having fun!

The baby whisperer?

Sophie says something to Wicket with a few hand gestures and the dog pauses for a bit before replying with a few choice barks.
It’s looking to be a really intense conversation. Wonder how life is?

Wicket is one excitable little puppy. The little dog darts back and forth as if each bark caused an involuntary explosion of energy. Whatever the puppy is hearing from the baby, it’s causing the cutest reactions!

Source: YouTube Screenshot

And vice versa.

When Wicket starts yapping on about who knows what, Sophie stops and is all ears, a pretty smile on her round face. They really do understand each other for some reason. Sophie doesn’t jump back and forth though.

She does go on her belly and in typical baby fashion, squirms and wiggles about happily.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

By the looks of it, Wicket looks to be inviting Sophie to play a little game. The only problem is that the baby can’t really move like the dog yet. But it is a cute exchange. Seems like Sophie wants to but her short limbs can’t take her anywhere.

With that said, Wicket barked something funny because Sophie let out an adorable chuckle. She got roasted!

Shorkies are great family companions and will have no issues living in small houses or apartments.
What they are is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Yorkshire Terrier, hence the unique name. Oh and there’s a tinge of Poodle in there too!

Source: YouTube Screenshot

The Shorkie has been around for ten years or so. This fairly new breed is hypoallergenic and nonshedding which are great for people with allergies or kids.

Sophie can’t get enough of her pint-sized friend. Wicket is like Sophie’s real live stuffed toy and the dog knows it. Perhaps the reason we adults can’t understand their conversation is because the baby and pup are still so pure and innocent. We’re not worthy!

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Just like any dog, they love attention. Give them lots of it and they will reward you with affection and loyalty. And don’t worry, they’re not fussy nor are they high maintenance dogs. Newbie owners will love them!

Sophie sure loves Wicket! She’s a bit like Cesar Millan here except much, much cuter. For this baby and her puppy friend, everything was alright in the world.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

They had no problems, no worries, no stress, and all they cared about was each other.

Sophie and Wicket are great friends who will have a lovely time growing up together.

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