Daycare Shows Their Pup’s Adorable ‘Class Schedule’ And Win 19M Views

Have you ever imagined your pups being enrolled in a kindergarten daycare? Like sending them to school with their backpacks and lunchboxes? Check out this unique daycare in Korea showing these puppies’ adorable class schedules that will make you want to enroll your fur baby too!

The rumors are right, every dog has a backpack!
Going to school isn’t complete without a cutie backpack filled with yummy treats made specially made and prepared by the fur parents. Their fur parents walk their dogs to the daycare and hand them over to the teacher together with their backpacks. Have you noticed that this dog’s backpack is also a dog? LOL!

Here’s Teacher Roy greeting and welcoming each dog at the daycare.
Upon arriving at the daycare, Teacher Roy sits down and says hello to every dog. The dogs are also taught to bow as a form of greeting and respect to the elders. It is the Korean tradition and culture of greeting hello to one another.

After which, the dogs hang out for a bit before the first class starts

Aren’t they cute and sweet? The dogs here in the daycare aren’t just classmates, they’re also friends.

First class: Nose work activity
The daycare has prepared some treats hidden in the doggo’s bowl. The pups need to sniff where the treat is to have it as a reward. It’s like playing hide and seek – dog treats edition!

After several tries, Buti has finally found where the treats are hidden. Good job, Buti!The second class in this dog daycare is play time!
All dogs have been waiting for their next class as everyone rushed into the box full of toys! They grabbed their favorite toy and excitedly played with them.

Some grabbed their favorite stuffed toy, played fetch with Teacher Roy, and played tag with their fellow dog classmates. Look how this dog doesn’t want to let this squeaky ball go!

Now, it’s time for lunch!
Every dog backpack has a notebook, snack, and most importantly, a personalized puppy lunch box! The lunch box contains food that is prepared depending on their body type and taste preference. How cool is that?Fourth and the best class for the day: nap time!
And for the most awaited class for the day — nap time! When the clock hits one o’clock in the afternoon, there will be lights out for the doggos’ siesta time. How we wish we could have that one too!

Each dog has its own bed, pillow, and comfy blanket to make their nap time cozier. Sleep tight and sweet dreams, our dear pups!

While the pups are fast asleep, Teacher Roy’s busy jotting down notes
Teacher Roy takes down notes on how the dogs’ day went and keeps a record of each dog’s bowel movement, meals, and the likes. It’s like a dog diary at the daycare.

And the last class would be another session of playtime!
Once the dogs wake up from their slumber, it’s another session of playtime with their dog classmates! It’s a do whatever you want to play session wherein they can hang with their fellow doggos or play ball with one another.

And that concludes their day in the life at the dog daycare. For sure, it’s always a good time for the dogs and for Teacher Roy!

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