Deaf Dog Tries Her Best To Bark Based On What She Has Seen Other Dogs Do

When the Kelly home decided that they wanted to adopt a dog, they opened their hearts wide and brought a deaf pup into the family.Reggie may have been deaf since she was born so, more than likely, she had never had the chance to hear a bark.That doesn’t mean, however, that she has never seen one and she wanted to show her mom she knew what to do.

At first, Lindsay Kelly thought that Reggie was either coughing or sneezing but then the truth began to dawn on her. She was trying to get her attention and Lindsay was thrilled.The fact that Reggie wanted to communicate in this way is nothing short of adorable.Since the first time, she continues to use her silent bark and it shows you just how brilliant she is.




Sound on or off. Doesn’t really matter. 🐶 🗣 #dogsoftiktok #doggo

♬ original sound – Lindsay Kelly

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