Deer Develops Friendship With A Golden Retriever Who Was Protecting The Yard

A golden retriever named Sampson was supposed to be guarding his family’s property from deer, but he ended up becoming good friends with one instead!According to a ViralHog, Sampson’s owner shared that the dog “spent the past year ‘guarding’ the property and protecting my apple trees from being eaten by the deer. Or so I thought…”

As it turns out, golden retrievers don’t make the best guard dogs. Not only was Sampson not guarding the property against deer, but he was also developing a great friendship with one!His owner shared, the deer “waits for him to come out for a run in the morning and patiently waits for him to play after dinner time.

Sometimes, they stand next to each other, other times playing hide and seek around the bushes.” How sweet!Deer are natural prey animals, so they’re usually too timid to approach an animal like a dog. However, this was one bold deer and she seemed to sense that Sampson had no ill intentions.

The two can be seen in the video below chasing each other and playing games. It’s clear they’re having fun together.

“This is a newly formed friendship that continues to grow stronger each day,” they said.

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