Deputies Save Chained-Up Dogs From House Fire

Two cops went above their call of duty when they rescued not one but two dogs who were desperately trapped in a trailer house fire.
Deputy Coursey and Captain O’Brien joined the response team fighting the fire in Candler County, Georgia. The dramatic rescue was filmed in one of the cops’ body cams.

The situation was already tense as you can see the urgency in their actions. The cop under the tree pointed towards the back of the property where they heard a dog barking.

They both rushed to where the sound was coming from. The raging flame was only meters away from them and the heat was already too intense.

One of them even said “That’s way too hot, man!” as they leaped over branches and overgrowth.

Source: Facebook Screenshot – WJCL News

When the barking grew louder, they realized that two dogs were actually trapped. and
The fire was also quickly consuming the area nearby.

The cop carefully approached the black dog so he won’t spook it out. Then, he tried to cut off the dog chain with a pair of bolt cutters he brought with him. But the twisted chain was too thick and they needed to move quickly. Thinking fast on his feet, he unfastened the dog’s collar instead.

Source: Facebook Screenshot – WJCL News

Meanwhile, the other cop cleared the junk and rubble over the brown dog’s cage.
At one point, he whipped his hand back when the cage felt too hot to touch. It gave them a picture of what these dogs were feeling as they helplessly barked for help.

As soon as the dogs were freed, the two of them bolted out of the scene and ran back to safety.
One of them sustained hand burns while the other one burnt a part of his head. But despite their injuries, the two of them laughed off the suspense-filled rescue.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – ZENGER

But the tandem wasn’t done yet. They rushed towards the firefighters and helped them as much as they could. They held the hose when the firefighters set up more gear and they even carried the extra hose closer to the flames.

It was not specified whether the owner of the dogs was at the scene of the fire at that time. However, after the heroic rescue, the dogs were surrendered to the City of Metter Animal Control. They are no longer staying with their original owners.

In Georgia, a person convicted of willful neglect of an animal can serve up to 12 months of imprisonment.
They can also be fined up to $5,000 dollars.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – ZENGER

Captain Justin P. Wells told the Daily Paw that the incident is still under investigation and cannot confirm if the owner will face any charges judging by the state of the dogs when the first responders found them.

Source: YouTube Screenshot – ZENGER

While they are no longer in danger, we hope that these two dogs find a new home. And as they wait, they can thank these two officers who embodied the true meaning of “protect and serve”.

Source: Facebook Screenshot – WJCL News

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