Disa .bled Man Leaves His Wheelchair And Risks His Life To Rescue Kitten Stuck In Drain

An act of kindness was captured in a video when a disabled man got out of his wheelchair in order to shuffle down a grass embankment in order to rescue a small kitten that was caught in a storm drain.

30-year-old Abu Fathiyyaturahma Menk Abdun Mujtahid first noticed the kitten struggling to hold onto the concrete barriers in Sabah, Malaysia, last Saturday morning.

Despite his inability to use his legs, Abu didn’t hesitate to get out of his wheelchair to get down to the stranded cat.

His friend, who is also in a wheelchair, managed to film the moment that Abu rescued the kitten.

When Abu first reached the drain, he realized that he was too far away to reach the kitten so he then readjusted his position in order to try again.


As Abu checked the drain, the little kitten fought to climb up, desperate to get away from the water.

Abu carefully reached his arm down, carefully picking up the kitten away from imminent danger and back to the safety of the grass embankment.


However, in order for Abu to climb back up to his chair, he was forced to leave the kitten in the grass in order to use his arms.


And, in typical cat-fashion, the little kitten used the opportunity to run away across the road, without so much as a thank you.

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