Dog Abandoned In An Old Trailer Learns To Trust Again

A scared dog rescued from an old trailer made an incredible transformation and learned to trust again.The dog, whom rescuers named Klaus, was abandoned in an old trailer when his owner left one day and never returned. Someone alerted Hope For Paws and they immediately took action to rescue the confused, scared dog.

Hope For Paws shared in the video below how they approached the trailer, but Klaus was too afraid of them to get close. Instead, they had to set a humane trap to capture the dog and see him to safety.Rescuers set a trap a short distance from the door of the trailer in an attempt to lure him from inside.

Thankfully, it worked and they were able to transport the dog to CARES for a health examination and grooming.Once they got Klaus into the cage, it was clear that he was still terrified of humans but in desperate need of some love. It’s unclear if his owner died or abandoned him, but he was left to fend for himself and he didn’t understand why.

Understandably, the poor dog suffered extreme fear of abandonment, but he began to make real progress in healing his emotional wounds.

In the video description, they said, “I will never know what happened to Klaus’ owner, but if we learned anything in the past year, it is that life is so fragile and things can change in an instant.”

It’s so true and it’s thanks to people like the workers at Hope For Paws that animals who suffer as a result of life’s unpredictable changes can find stability once again.

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