Dog Caught Digging In The Yard Pretends He’s Innocent

Dogs are wonderful companions, but they can also be quite naughty at times. Catching a dog in the act of something bad can actually be quite hilarious.It’s like they know they’ve been caught, and their default is to pretend that they weren’t actually committing the crime.In Lodi, New Jersey, one adorable pooch thought that he was being clever covering his tracks, but in reality, he was just making for a great viral video.

The dog, whose name is Cooper, had started digging in his backyard. It was a very risky move since he’s not allowed to dig anywhere in the yard.However, that didn’t stop him. But what did stop him, was the sound of his owner opening up the porch door.In an effort to look innocent, he begins racing around the yard in circles as though nothing nefarious has been happening.


Of course, there is video evidence to the contrary. He was caught red-handed, but we still have to applaud his efforts to cover his tracks.As his owners posted in the video’s caption, “Cooper was digging in the backyard and heard his dad walking towards the door and started zoomies to pretend he wasn’t digging!”

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