Dog Comes Back Frantic And Soaking Wet, Begs Family To Follow Her To Nearby Dam

David Kenny and his family were relaxing with some friends in an outdoor location in Brisbane, Australia. Their 2-year-old son, Alexander, was supposed to be playing with Leala, the family’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier. But no one noticed when the kid suddenly vanished from sight. Minutes later, the 9-year-old dog began tugging at David, but the man didn’t really think something had gone wrong.

Leala was dripping wet as she erratically barked at David. Still not realizing that his son was missing, the man casually followed the anxious dog all the way to the nearby dam. David was traumatized when he finally registered the unnerving sight of his son’s lifeless body lying face down in the water.

Alexander was not breathing after an apparent drowning accident, and Leala had clearly tried to rescue him on her own. The next few minutes were a blur as the exasperated dad and his friends performed CPR on the boy. While they managed to restore his breathing, he was still unresponsive.

Source: Lisa Brockbank/Facebook

At the hospital, the doctors kept the wounded Alexander in an induced coma for the next 2 days. His vitals were stable, but he had suffered a major brain injury. The doctors gradually lost hope and prepared the parents for the worst case scenario – which was either death or permanent brain damage for the toddler.

Source: Lisa Brockbank/Facebook

After 48 tense comatose hours, Alexander finally regained consciousness. As his treatment continued over the next few months, the doctors were surprised by the ultimate results – Alexander not only survived but also made a complete recovery!

The doctors credit the timely CPR for saving Alexander’s life, but David knows it’s all his loyal dog’s doing. If the vigilant angel hadn’t alerted him on time, the outcome would have definitely been tragic. Leala is a true-blue hero and we love her to bits!

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