Dog Finds Cozy Spot In Tree And Decides To Hop Right In

Arlo’s family rescued him three years ago when he was about a year old, but to this day, he still has all the energy of a puppy.

“He was tied to a doghouse the entire first year of his life and now he is still making up for lost puppyhood time by being the most charismatic boy around,” Bryce LaDuc, Arlo’s mom, told The Dodo.

Arlo’s favorite thing in the world is going on adventures with his family. He loves hiking, swimming and just exploring the world every chance he gets, and on those adventures, he has a habit of getting himself into some silly situations.

“He marches to the beat of his own drum and is always up to some sort of funny nonsense,” LaDuc said.

One day, Arlo was out exploring with his family when they came across a tree with a large hole in it. They were peering into the hole, trying to get a better look inside, and Arlo decided he desperately needed to join in on the fun.

dog in tree


Without hesitation, he suddenly jumped up — and climbed right into the hole!

“We didn’t prompt him — he just wanted to see what we were looking at in there,” LaDuc said.

cute dog


Arlo happily hung out in the tree for a few minutes while his family snapped some photos, and then he hopped right out again, satisfied that he’d gotten to be a part of the action.

dog in tree


Luckily, whoever normally occupied the tree hole wasn’t around that day — Arlo may have startled them with all of his puppy energy and excitement.

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