Dog Finds Her Twin On A Walk And Begs Mom To Bring Him Home

We never know where life will lead us. Maybe a short walk in the park could change our life path by introducing us to our soulmates. You cannot predict what could happen in the future and what the little things can bring you. Just because of this reason, we must enjoy every moment!

If you don’t believe in Fate, read this story,

Even dogs have their fate encounters.
Well, it was just an ordinary day for Bethany and Rogue. Bethany is the mother, and Rogue is the dog-child. They went on a regular walk, which ended to be something unusual that no one could expect.

Bethany saw an adoption clinic event occurring on the road in the middle of their walking routine. Beth and her dog noticed a specific pup called Beast. In the beginning, Bethany did a double-take. Beast and Rogue were quite similar. Even Rogue see that and approached Beast like they were friends.

It looked like all the pieces were coming to their place because Bethany and her partner considered adopting a pup. But, it was only an idea during that time, nothing more. They didn’t know what to take, or how, nor when, but Beast perfectly fit in their family.

This is called Fate! It brought them together, so from a 3-member family, not they became a 4-member family.
According to Bethany, Rogue won’t give up Beast, not now, not ever. Both of the dogs developed a strong bond, which would be too bad to separate them.

Bethany decided to take the dog because they were meant for each other.
Bethany spoke for Bored Panda, and she said that besides the similar appearance, these dogs have similar breed histories.

“What made me want to rescue Beast over the other dogs was that he looked just like Rogue. They are both Cairn terrier mixes, Rogue’s mom was a Labrador and Pitbull mix and her dad a

In the beginning, when Beast came to the house, they wrestled to see who dominated. It is a very notable characteristic for two dogs to see the predominant. Beast was more dominant, but later they evened out, and now they are ready for compromise.

Beast, Rogue, and their parents live in Hawaii, and they are thrilled.

Only one part of their entertaining program is playing, chasing, and competing. Island life fits them perfectly, and their parents couldn’t find a better place to live.


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