Dog Guards His Pregnant Friend Until Help Arrives

Lying on the side of the road in Muscoy, California, a German shepherd named Marley waited for help. By her side, a fluffy red dog sat patiently — guarding his injured friend.

Hours passed, and cars continued to fly by but not a single one stopped to check on the two animals.

Until, finally, one did.

It was as if the two dogs knew that the hard part was over — now, all they had to do was heal.

Marley was pregnant with 11 puppies.

Her best friend continued to wait by her side during those first few terrifying days. But slowly, Murphy seemed to realize that Marley was in good hands.

Stray dog protects his friend on the streetFAITH EASDALE

Easdale could see that he wasn’t really bonded with her, and set to work finding him a good home. “He was able to be with her in the hospital but she was so critical that he wanted to go run and play,” Easdale said.

Dog snuggles his friend after being rescuedFAITH EASDALE

Marley was in so much pain, but despite everything, she gave birth to 11 healthy puppies.

And even with two of her legs in casts, she was still determined to be a loving, attentive mom.

Dog protects his friendFAITH EASDALE

It took two years, but with the help of her foster mom and a number of vets and carers, Marley has healed completely. “Marley is just as sweet and beautiful as the day we brought her home,” her adopters wrote on Facebook. “She plays like she has never had a broken bone.”

Marley the German shepherd and her puppiesFAITH EASDALE

And Marley’s rescuers couldn’t be happier that the strong mom and her pups have come so far.


“She was special and we all knew it,” Easdale said. “Today, her babies are all grown up and Marley is loved and cherished.”

Source: The Dodo

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