Dog Hilariously Crashes Concert And Scores Almost 6M Views

Majority of the people who go out to see an orchestra concert do it for the captivating musical experience. Hearing the soothing strings of violins and the thumping sounds of different percussion instruments is an experience like no other.To be honest, it’s not an awful experience but an amusing one. While they were halfway through Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony No.4, they were interrupted by an unexpected guest.

A curious Labrador went on stage and started sniffing around.Even though the music was loud, the dog wasn’t intimidated. He was probably used to hearing classical music.Instead of running away, the dog remained on stage.It went sniffing around for a few seconds, probably wondering what the loud noise was all about. Realizing that there’s nothing odd about what’s happening, it started to relax.

The orchestra members noticed the dog.Since they were in the middle of a performance, they couldn’t do anything about the situation. They just continued playing their instruments. They were really professional.Some of them couldn’t stop smiling while watching the dog.And no one can blame them for that. One doesn’t get to see dogs appearing unexpectedly during an orchestra performance.

Plus, the dog’s super adorable. He wasn’t causing any trouble so there was no reason to send it away.

Eventually, the dog decided to lay down.

Source: YouTube Screenshot-ABC Action News

And like what most people do at some point while watching such concerts, he yawned. It wasn’t clear if he fell asleep before the performance ended.

Most of the people watching the performance were amused.

Source: YouTube Screenshot-ABC Action News

Instead of feeling disappointed about the interruption, they actually found it funny. They even gave the dog a few rounds of applause.

Even the internet fell in love with the dog.

Source: YouTube Screenshot-ABC Action News

One YouTube user said:

“I love how the audience is applauding him even though he’s just sitting down to chill and listen to the classical music”

Another one commented:

“That is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. What a sweet doggie.”

Source: YouTube Screenshot-ABC Action News

There was also this viewer who shared:

“That is so cute! The doggie laying on the floor to appreciate the music! He only needs his cocktail and his playbill on paws!”

People who’ve seen the video have their own theory about what happened.

The recording has been viewed more than 5.5 million times and the theories people made out of it are quite funny.

One of them thinks that the dog was actually the guest of honor there. There was also this person who said that the dog probably wanted to buy tickets but they were sold out. With no other choice, he decided to appear in the middle of the concert.

Some people consider the dog lucky.
It got the best seat in the house. Plus, the spotlight was on him, too.

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