Dog Instinctively Walks Over To Comfort Stranger Who Just Lost His Dog

Dogs just might be the kindest creatures that have ever walked the face of the planet. We know that we are biased because we love them so darn much, but it’s true.Have you ever noticed that a dog can innately sense how you are feeling on a particular day? These animals have an amazing way of reading human emotions and offering comfort when it is needed most.

One dog named Nato did a great job at reading a man’s emotions and offering comfort. The rottweiler was with his owner, Dan, when they went out to a park.While walking at the park and enjoying their time, Nato noticed a stranger who was sitting on a bench.The dog seemed to notice that something wasn’t right, and he went up to the man to comfort him.

As it turned out, the man had just lost his best friend – his dog – and was grieving still.

Thankfully, Nato’s presence definitely helped brighten the man’s day.


They looked at each other so long and smiled so I asked…

♬ originalljud – Nato McPierson


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