Dog is obsessed with getting owner’s attention while he’s trying to work

It’s pretty clear that Gus the Weimaraner is used to getting lots of love and affection, partly because he’s just so darn cute.

If you’ve ever been around a Weimaraner, you know this breed is quite friendly and obedient. But since they love attention, they can be a handful sometimes.

“It’s hard to generalize about the Weimaraner personality but a core trait, that runs in the veins of all of them, is that they are people–centric. They love the company of humans to the point that they will follow you around your house like a second shadow. Weimaraners are always underfoot, curious, wanting to be involved in your activities.”

When his humans posted a video of the sweet pup trying to get his dad’s attention in 2012, people were beyond charmed at the lengths he would go to for some love. In fact, the adorable video has been viewed over 9 MILLION times since it was uploaded.

At a little over 3 minutes long, it’s simply Gus watching his dad, hoping for some affection.

Dad is trying to work on his laptop at the kitchen table, but the pup doesn’t seem to understand why he’d rather look at that.

Source: Screenshot via TheBinghamHouse/YouTube

Then, it’s a battle of wills as Gus puts his paw up on dad’s shoulder – surely he’s just unaware that there’s a dog in need of attention right next to him!

Eventually, the dog is so intent on getting some attention that he begins “woofing” under his breath – and his dad looks on shocked.

Source: Screenshot via TheBinghamHouse/YouTube

Gus is perhaps a little embarrassed for himself, but that certainly doesn’t stop him from trying again.

In fact, the handsome boy is downright dumbfounded that this is even happening. He’s RIGHT THERE, waiting for the attention he so richly deserves.

Source: Screenshot via TheBinghamHouse/YouTube

Of course, dad loves Gus, but in the comments, he’s honest about just how much attention the rescue dog requires:

“They’re such a handsome regal looking dog, but so silly and goofy. Only one thing I don’t like is their need to be constantly with you. I can’t walk down the hall without him following me. If I want my house demolished, I’d leave him home, but I prefer it in one piece. So, he goes everywhere with me unless someone stays home with him.”

The beautiful boy sounds like quite a handful.

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