Dog Leaves Her Toy Outside And Throws Funny Fit When Wild Fox Plays With It And Teases Her

Lupe Johnson is a sweet dachshund-Chihuahua mix. She’s a friendly dog, and she loves playing with her toys. She sometimes leaves her toys outside when playtime is over. Normally, the toys sit untouched until Lupe is ready to play again.As Lupe watched from the window, the fox appeared in the yard. The pup wanted to go out to the front yard, grab her ball and take it with her, but a wild fox already had its sights set on the toy ball.

In hilarious fashion, Lupe seems to give a bit of a tantrum behind the window as she watches how the playful fox spends some time with her favorite toy.

As you can see in some footage shared by Lupe’s owner, the wild fox is having tons of fun with the toy and doesn’t seem to mind Lupe’s barking, who was definitely annoyed at that point.

The beautiful red fox jumps around with the ball, does a few flops, and tosses it across a couple of yards. Who knew that a small toy would be so much fun?

It’s clear that Lupe didn’t want to confront the fox and it’s also obvious that the Chihuahua-dachshund is a little bit jealous of the foxy four-footer.

She definitely lets her annoyance be heard with a number of intimating barks and she even growls at the end.

Source: YouTube

Even after minutes go by, the fox doesn’t really seem to care that much and just ignores the fact that Lupe is there.
In fact, it looks like the fox is deliberately teasing her by playing and merrily rolling around with the pup’s beloved outdoor toy. These two definitely have strong characters, and it looks like the expression “as sly as a fox” doesn’t always apply.

Source: YouTube

One thing is for sure: this fox is having the time of his life.

Lupe’s owner captured the footage and it quickly went viral on the internet with millions of views on YouTube and Facebook.

Source: YouTube

Many people left comments about the funny video.
“That’s cute, lol,” one viewer wrote. “Fox [is] having plenty of fun with its new-found treasure, though the dog [doesn’t] appreciate it in the least.”

Another viewer decided to give a popular song a funny twist:

“What does the fox say? Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding! I have the noisy dog’s toy and he can’t do a thing!”

The fox seems like a big goofball, and that certainly isn’t something you see every day. Even though we feel bad that Lupe temporarily lost her toy, this video was incredible to watch. Nature is amazing!

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