Dog Left Motionless After Reflection Makes Her Question Reality

Have you ever glanced in the mirror and been taken off guard for a moment? Perhaps the lighting hit weird or you weren’t expecting to see a reflection in the first place.It can be quite startling, and it’s not just humans that this happens to. Animals can also be surprised by their reflections and it’s quite adorable when it happens!

If you’re a pet owner, you may have noticed your dog, cat, or even bird looking at themselves in the mirror. Sometimes they want to play, sometimes they want to fight, and sometimes, they’re downright confused about it.The dog was taken in by a shelter and she enjoyed regular playtime and walks. One day, while out for playtime, she noticed her reflection in the desk – and froze.


It’s clear she wasn’t sure what to think and she began to question her reality!The confused pup stayed frozen for quite some time, just staring back at her reflection, perplexed, and the whole thing was caught on video.“This video was taken of a dog at the shelter I worked at. She was out for playtime and accidentally saw her reflection in the desk,” it says in the description.



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