Dog Lost After Car Accident Found On A Farm Herding Sheep

A border collie who went missing after a car accident was found days later on a farm herding sheep.Two-year-old Tilly was in a GMC with his family when their vehicle, which was towing a horse trailer, attempted to turn left and was struck by a Buick on SH-41.

According to KHQ, Tilly was ejected from the GMC. Everyone ended up being ok, but Tilly went missing.Despite their best efforts, the family couldn’t find Tilly anywhere and were hoping someone from the community would see him.Thankfully, that’s exactly what happened.

After Tilly’s absence was spread around on social media, a sheep farmer came forward with a dog who they believed to be the missing pup.Apparently, Tilly had made his way to the farm and took up herding sheep. It seems his natural border collie instincts kicked in and he went with it.

How cute is that?

The dog has since been reunited with his family, who is beyond grateful to have him home. While he lost some weight and seemed a bit thirsty when they found him, he in otherwise great health.

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