Dog Missing For 8 Hours Returns Home And Rings The Doorbell

Since Ring doorbells have grown in popularity, they’ve managed to capture some pretty incredible moments.One such moment happened to be captured on Ring after a dog ran away from its home.According to a post on Reddit by the dog’s owner, user @boopbeepboopbop999, the dog, whose name is Rajah, had ran off after being spooked by the neighbor’s fireworks.

Hours passed and there was no sign of Rajah. Naturally, her owner was quite worried. According to posts on Reddit, they’d adopted Rajah from the pound and she was understandably shy and reserved at first.Eventually, she got comfortable and began to “rule the house,” but some things still upset her – including fireworks.

It was between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM when Rajah ran off, which didn’t give her owners many hours of daylight to search for her. Eventually, they had to retire and go to bed in hopes that their precious pup would turn up soon.Around 3:00 AM that morning, they heard their doorbell ring. After getting out of bed and going to the door, they discovered it was Rajah!

She’d returned home and rang the doorbell to let her owner know she was outside.

In the Ring doorbell footage, you can see the dog hopping up and bopping the ringer with her nose. What a clever dog!


They shared the footage on Reddit, saying, “Our dog who ran off on an adventure for 7.5 hours ringing our doorbell at 3 am to let us know she’s home.”


People were impressed with Rajah’s use of the doorbell, and one person asked in the comments if she’d been trained to use the doorbell. Apparently, she hadn’t been and her owner didn’t even realize she knew about it!


Her owner also shared that when the dog came in, she “sulked in and thought she would be in trouble but we were so happy she was home and she just slept instantly lol.”

We’re not sure what Rajah was up to for all of those hours, but it sounds like she had quite an adventure.

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