Dog Mom Of Two Records Her Pups When She Leaves For Work

As a dog owner, one understands the bond they have with their pup and vice versa. Once we step foot through the front door after a long day, our furry friends are there to greet us as if they’ve been waiting all day for our undivided attention.

Or if you have a naughty canine, they might be the opposite: running away in guilt once you arrive home because they’ve ripped the sofa cushions to shreds again and buried your favorite pair of shoes. But hey, what can we say? Our dogs are still our dogs, and we love them to pieces, disobedience and all.

One doggy mama decided to record her two dogs’ reactions out of curiosity once she left for the day. I mean, it’s pretty smart; we’ve all wondered what our pets are up to when we’re not around, right? Within just seconds, her two dogs began howling in synchrony like singing a song, as if their wailing would bring back their mom in the blink of an eye.

After they got their howls out minutes later, the duo continuously peered outside the home’s front French doors hoping to see their owner return. I imagine the dogs thinking, “Any second now, Mommy will be home!”

Even after their owner leaving the house several times daily, the two still couldn’t handle the thought of her leaving them alone. I think my heart just broke. The anticipation didn’t die down, but their energy levels sure did.

However, the dogs still didn’t give up. They lied down side-by-side staring and hoping their beloved owner didn’t abandon them and would indeed make the return they had hoped for. Heart-wrenching, much? Goodness, if only we could communicate with our pets to tell them we’d for sure be back and by what time.

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