Dog Playing Fetch In A Lake Loses Game To A Fish

While out enjoying a day on the lake recently with her family, this dog named C.C. might have thought the ball they brought along was all hers.

But then the pup got an unexpected wake-up call from a unlikely competitor.

C.C. was playing fetch in the water when, after one toss, she was a bit too slow in reaching her toy. In that time, someone else seized the opportunity to claim it as their own.

It was a fish. He’d caught it in his mouth.

“It was definitely a shock to see,” Madeline Hyde, C.C.’s owner, told The Dodo. “It took everyone a second to really process that the fish had caught the ball. It was a funny sight for sure!”

Fortunately for C.C. — and the fish who’d clearly bitten off more than he could chew

— the ball wasn’t in his clutches for long. Hyde’s dad was able to save the toy — and save the fish from choking.

“The fish lived, thankfully!” Hyde said. “It took us a minute to get the ball out, and it was probably a bit stunned at first, but it swam away pretty quickly.”

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