Dog Plays Dead To Avoid The Vet And Mom Brings Out Treats To Wake Her Up

Let’s face it. If you don’t want to do something you’re going to try to pull every move in the book to put it off. This is where every delay tactic comes to mind. When the thought of cleaning your toilet sounds like more fun than whatever it is you have to do (unless it’s actually cleaning your toilet), it’s obvious you’re having a procrastination party of one.

The same applies to our pets. Don’t think for a second that just because they don’t have to deal with mortgage payments or planning for retirement, that they aren’t overly dramatic about the big things in their little lives! Lulu the adorable Shiba Inu has an urgent appointment but, she really doesn’t want to go. At all.

This hilarious video opens up to Lulu the tired pup who is soundly sleeping. She’s tucked between the covers of her owner’s bed, sleeping like a human on her back–it’s pretty darn cute, except she’s not waking up. “Lulu!” A voice calls out to her. Good morning Lulu! Are you going to wake up?”

She’s breathing, but she’s not moving a muscle. There is zero acknowledgment of mom’s wake up call.

She realizes she has to kick it up a notch. Mom tries touching and briskly petting the furry sleeping beauty. Still, nothing. She tries flopping the dog’s paws and tickling behind her ear. Nothing. “Lulu, we have to go the vet soon,” she says in her pleasant voice. She even tries to scare Lulu by abruptly saying, “Boo!” and then again, “Boooo!” The pup doesn’t budge.

So, the young woman gently removes the covers, asking, “are you playing dead? Are you playing dead so you don’t have to go to the vet?” It would appear that Lulu is definitely playing dead and she’s doing a very convincing job of it! This dog is putting on an award-winning performance, trying to trick mom into leaving her alone so she doesn’t have to get a checkup. Lulu is a clever dog, but mom has a one-up on the pup.

“Ok, Lulu, well dead puppies don’t get treats,” she says, walking to the other side of the bed. Sounds of crinkled packaging cause the dog to stir, and suddenly, Lulu’s eyes snap open, ears perk up, and her body lifts off the bed. Lulu has suddenly come back from the dead and she’s got a big grin on her face ready to gobble up some treats–and get taken away to the vet!

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