Dog Pretends He Has To Pee So He Can Go Outside And Jump In The Pool

Dogs are pretty clever and they have a way of figuring out how to get what they want. “Puppy dog eyes” isn’t an expression for no reason!While some dogs use their adorable faces to get their owners to give in to what they want, others use different tactics.For one Boston Terrier, he uses his regular potty breaks to do more than relieve his bladder.

When his mom lets him outside, he takes the opportunity to jump in the pool for a swim!It seems he’s done it quite a few times and his mom has caught on to his antics. However, she can’t just keep him inside when he’s showing he needs to go out and go potty. After all, there are times when he actually has to go and isn’t just trying to pull one over on his owner.

“You’re going outside to go to the bathroom, right? You’re not gonna go jump in the pool?” his mom asks in the video below.In the video, you can see the Boston Terrier standing by the door just waiting to run outside and “go potty.” However, as soon as the door opens, he darts out and jumps in the pool instead.


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