Dog Rescued After Being The Only One To Escape A Fatal Car Accident Alive

Curry was living a happy life with her family when tragedy struck. They were all going on a trip together when they got into a terrible car accident. Curry was the only survivor, but she wasn’t without injuries.Curry was left broken, emotionally and physically. The poor dog was rescued by a Moscow animal-lover named Victoria who helps rehabilitate and rehome animals.

Victoria took Curry to the vet and the news wasn’t great.Curry had broken bones and several injuries that would take some time to recover from. But perhaps worst of all, she would need one of her back legs amputated.Despite all she was going through, Curry maintained a “warrior spirit” and was determined to use her second chance at life to the fullest.

Victoria explained that Curry was understandably upset, but through it all, she was playful and loving. Slowly, Curry began to trust her and open up to her – and that’s when Victoria knew she couldn’t rehome this dog.In an Instagram post, Victoria admitted that they were initially going to put Curry to sleep because her procedures were extensive and complicated.

The veterinarians weren’t sure if she’d make it through the surgeries she required and if she did, it’d be doubtful that anyone would give her a home.

In the end, they decided to fight for this dog who’d lost so much – and Victoria would provide her a forever home herself – if she survived.


Curry’s surgeries ended up being a success and with Victoria by her side, she began the slow process of healing.

For the first time since the horrible accident, things were finally looking up for Curry. She had a new loving home and her spirits were really lifting. She was getting the hang of using just one leg and was even making friends!


Sadly, at a vet visit, they received more bad news: Curry’s other leg wasn’t doing well and it would need to be amputated as well. Without any other options, and knowing that leaving the leg in place would kill her, Victoria agreed to have it amputated.


Curry began a second healing journey following the second leg amputation and Victoria even got her fitted with a wheelchair.

The resilient pup overcame all of her challenges and learned to walk, run, and play, just like she had before her injuries.


She even built up enough strength to walk and run without her wheelchair, using just her front legs!

Speaking with Animal Shelters, Victoria shared that Curry would sometimes stare into space, perhaps thinking of the past and her life before the accident. She hopes that one day Curry will fully heal from her emotional trauma of losing everyone she loved, along with her physical health, in one short moment.


“The story of Curry made me unforgettable, her family had an accident and only she survived. Through many tears, she has become stronger and more resilient. She overcame her fate and lived a worthy life. She gave me lessons and love, she is special in my heart,” Victoria said.

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