Dog Risks Life In House Fire To Save A Friend

The danger and destructiveness of fire is a topic that is at the forefront of everyone’s minds with the devastation we continue to witness in Australia. It makes us wonder what we would do if faced with a wall of fire creeping every closer to our home and family. Which of us would rise up as heroes in the face of imminent danger? In one story out of Ukraine, a family dog turned out to be a hero.

Who he saved will touch your heart.

Massive Explosion Causes House Fire In the town of Donetsk a massive explosion occurred at a defense industry company. The blast was so huge and powerful that it was felt more than 5km away. Thick smoke filled the sky. Flames took to the wind and spread, building to building, house to house. Everyone in the area was forced to evacuate.

Residents Gathered Their Loved Ones and Most Precious Belongings People moved swiftly to clear their homes of loved ones, bringing spouses, parents, siblings, and children to safety. Dogs and cats and other family pets were secured and put into cars to get out of the burning city. During the chaos, one dog proved how loyal he was to all the members of the family.

Dog Runs Back into Burning House As he watched his home burning, one man was horrified when his dog ran back into the engulfed home. He was certain that his dog would succumb to smoke inhalation and nto make it out alive. Further, he didn’t know what the dog was thinking running back into the house! In no time at all, the man saw a familiar site. His dog appeared through the smoke, trotting back to his human and safety. In his mouth was the family’s kitten. The dog had risked his own life to save the kitten from the fire.

Dog and Kitten Best of Friends The man stated that the dog and kitten were best of friends. The dog often carried the kitten around in his mouth. They spent their days playing and sleeping together. The dog did what most humans would not be able to do themselves-he risked his very life to save that of another.
Of course everyone in the area looked to the dog as the hero that he proved himself to be. This selfless act shows us in stark clarity just how much dogs deserve our love and loyalty. They will risk death to help the ones they love.

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